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Over the years, has helped thousands of customers save on their car insurance! Visitors to enter their personal information, and we help them find the cheapest and best auto insurance price in no time at all. With approximately 200 million licensed drivers in the US and over 230 million registered vehicles on the road that need insurance, the potential to earn top dollar as our affiliate is real! The KTX Insurance Agency, Inc. ("KTX") affiliate program delivers additional revenue to your website. We are committed to helping you make the partnership a success.

Reasons to join today

If you’re looking for an affiliate program that has:
  • Easy sign-up, set up and management.
  • Competitive payouts.
  • Strong conversion rates from our fast and easy quote form.
  • Real-time tracking and support.
  • The ability to enhance your website by offering your website visitors a highly useful service.
…then the KTX insurance affiliate program is the right fit for you! There’s no cost and it only takes a few minutes to join!

How the KTX affiliate program works

  • You send your website visitors to through text links and banners on your website or by promoting our offering in emails sent to your website subscribers.
  • We pay you for every valid quote that is completed by your website visitors.


The more traffic you send, the more you earn!

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