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How auto choice impacts your car insurance rate

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There are 3,537,438 square miles in the United States*. That’s a lot of land to drive, so it’s no wonder we love our vehicles. When looking to buy your next new set of wheels, have you ever considered how your choice of car will impact your auto insurance rate?

Online car insurance quotes from show how your choice of vehicle effects your auto insurance premium.** The quotes, for some of the most popular autos within their classes – SUVs, pick ups, mini vans, passenger cars and sport cars – suggest you could be paying a difference of almost 25% in insurance premiums depending on the car you drive.

Class Vehicle*** San Jose Los Angeles San Diego
SUV Ford Explorer $1020 $1546 $914
Pick up Ford F-series $1262 $1756 $974
Mini van Dodge Caravan $994 $1550 $890
Passenger car Toyota Camry $1128 $1728 $1020
Sports car Ford Mustang $1278 $1836 $1098

When you are looking to buy a new car knowing how they compare in insurance rates to other autos could help in making your vehicle purchasing decision. Shop around for car insurance quotes at to make sure you are making the right choice.

* U.S Census Bureau
** Quotes were completed for a single 35-year old with a clean driving record in September 2005 and are for illustrative purposes only.
***Vehicles were from the 2005 model year.