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My first car-Fren-emies for life

Dana • Sacramento, CA

Alliant International University

I was 17 and got offered my first real job (babysitting doesn't count) and all I really needed was some wheels! Turns out my uncle had recently gone to prison and from the sound of it he was going to be tucked away for a while, if you know what I mean. He offered to sell some of his prize possessions, or not so prize possessions to the family.

So, I took dibs and paid $400 for a 1979 (2-door) 280ZX. Well, it might sound fancy, but as it turned out- the car was hot- and by hot I mean the cops were after my car! The police followed me around and were always asking me questions. So, after a slew of traffic citations I traded it in for a smokin' red hot Camaro. Well, it was a 1987 Camaro with T-tops, so I felt totally legit with this upgraded car. Turns out that was a big cop magnet as well! I admit I did my share of speeding and for the most part had a rebellious attitude, a poor combination in hindsight!

Well, fast-forward through the years and I now have a 2010 VW Passat; it is black, sleek and sexy! Sort of like me! I mean lets just say as my taste in cars has evolved, so have I. I still have a lead foot, but now I am working on my Doctorate degree and have come a long way since my first car. My car now helps me get from place to place in style with heated faux leather seats and all the nice commodities such as Sirius radio. I'm still a starving student, but now my car now represents how far I've come. And my first car, well, let's just say we will always be fren-emies!

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