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Is That Handheld Device Worth A Life?

Tevita • San Bernardino, CA

Claremont School of Theology

Is reading that text message, beating that high score, or maybe even finish watching that video really worth yours or one other's life?

People all around the world tend to believe that being able to use handheld devices while driving is a right. Yeah, we may have the rights to fight for our beliefs, but what about the outcome of the decisions being made and the people being affected by it? I definitely agree that handheld devices should be banned from being used while driving everywhere.

Sure, there are reasonable arguments to why it should not be illegal, such as emergency uses. It is true that people use their handheld devices regardless of any rule or law being made against it. These may all be true, but it all comes down to one thing... life. The main question being asked is: Is it all worth it?

No, should be the answer. There are many options when i t comes to answering this question, especially while driving. When boredom strikes while you are driving, your mind is most likely set on that text message you never got to read or reply to. Instead of thinking about that text, consider the alternatives and the variety of other things you can do while driving.

One thing everyone can do while driving is listening to music right from their vehicle. I have read reviews online about people's opinions on handheld devices being banned while driving, whether they agree with it or disagree. The word that stood out the most was "accidents". Yes! There is a high risk of an accident occurring while a handheld device is being used while driving. Too many deaths and life risking and permanent damages have happened due to the use of handheld devices while driving. Think about life. Is that handheld device worth a life?

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