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Banning the use of handheld devices while driving

Murray • Norristown, PA

University of Phoenix

The banning of phones is the most important consideration for everyone.  Banning drivers from using his/her phone increases the likelihood of safer road conditions.  I have heard of many cases involving individuals who have used their electronic devices such as cell phones becoming distracted while driving.  The outcome of using these electronic devices for talking and texting with others has brought some extremely negative conditions.  People have died or become seriously injured for that 5-10 second text or that 5-10 minute conversation.  If we put a ban of cell phones in all states we are discouraging the use.  There will always be individuals who feel the necessity of calling or texting in avoidance of the law.  We should institute stricter penalties for blatant non-compliance of the banning laws.  There is a need to show through the internet, television, and pamphlets the importance of banning cell phone use.  

What is so important that it can compromise the time which should be focused on driving?  If the call is an emergency, the driver should pull off to the side of the road and take or make the call.  . Through a better system in place, harsher penalties for violators, and constant education about the negative consequences of the after effects of driving while talking or texting should provide a more stronger message to everyone.   By showing people the dangers and deaths caused by this unnecessary activity we can increase awareness through educational mediums in the marketplace.  

There are so many social networks out there such as Facebook, LinkedIn, which can put the message out quickly.  Let's put an end to this widespread epidemic out there.  It seems most people are texting and driving these days.  We are often limited in time that people take unnecessary risks.  

Looking at it another way, have you considered the impact of seeing one of your loved ones as a victim of someone using his/her cell phone while driving?  The impact is tragic but it can be prevented.  

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