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Janet • San Francisco, CA

Fashion and Institute of Design and Merchandise

In this time and age, technology is all around us and we depend on technology much more than we would like to admit or realize. When my best friend passed her license exam last year, she could not drive anywhere without a GPS. She couldn't even change lanes if her GPS didn't tell her to. There was an attachment and dependence on the device and I realized that she has no recognition of street names because she depends on her GPS to tell her to go left or right. I fear that she will not have satellite connection one of these days and can't find her way home.

However, this doesn't affect just my best friend. It also affects me even though I currently don't have a license to drive. I noticed that I depend on the GPS on my phone to tell me the directions on how to get anywhere and how long will I get there. Even if a restaurant or business is only 3 blocks away, I felt safer to walk according to the path that my GPS tells me to go. In such scenarios, my GPS is like a dependable friend you can access at any time.

But thinking about my driver's exam in just one week from now, I fear that I too, will be like my best friend when I get my license. I'm afraid that I will not be able to drive anywhere without depending on my GPS and that it will distract me from what's really on the road. It is like an abusive relationship because I have developed this dependence on the device. By depending on it, I am not familiarizing myself with the neighborhood and roads around me. With a GPS, you would automatically assume the path the GPS has designed for you. But if you were comfortable with the roads around you, you would learn to explore different routes. 

But the GPS isn't a bad device - it is only a foe when you depend on it all the time. I would like to think of the GPS as an old and long distance friend. Someone you don't talk often but you still call each other every now and then.

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