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A Rainbow After a Storm

Cassandra • San Marcos, CA

California State University of San Marcos

It has been about 9 year since my father got into an accident. My father came to the United States at a very young age to work hard for a better future. He worked in two or three different jobs at a low pay but he did not give up. When he finally had the money to settle down for a family, he went back to Mexico to marry my mother. He brought her to America promising his all. I was born a year later, then my brother, and my sister came along 10 years after me.  I remember my father worked so hard to make sure we had everything. He worked overtime to give us all the necessities, until one day he was injured in his job. It all seemed like it was just a small injur y but surgery after surgery, nothing got better. He was finally told that he is disabled for life and could not return to work. Everything seemed to collapse but my father did not seem to give up. Together, both my mother and father found ways to support the family and have a home. They set an example and told me if they had education they would not be facing these difficulties. That motivated me to do more in life.

In high school I gave it my all, I would study all night to get A’s until I finally achieved it. My senior year, time for graduation. My hard work finally paid off, I had graduated with honor and I am able to attend college. I decided to go to Cal State San Marcos. I am currently a Freshman majoring in Criminology. My goal and dream is to become a Forensic Science Technician. I have always been fond for investigating things and finding out what happened.

I finally decided what I wanted to do with my life after experiencing my Senior Project in high school. This senior project seemed like such a drag, nobody was looking forward to it, except me. I did my senior project on Detective thinking that was my future but it wasn’t. I realized that my dream was to become a Forensic Psychologist. One day as I was doing my hours, my mentor took me to go see a crime scene. As we arrived I was so scared to see because it was the first time seeing a crime scene (besides Television shows).When I saw the Coroner from the Forensics lab checking the corpse, it fascinated me. I was fond on the way he checked what might have happen ed to him or the reason for his death. At that moment I knew what I wanted to do.

My  family always encouraged me to be part of my community. I am always getting involved in church and at school. Throughout my high school years I was in the church’s youth group, I would assist every friday to the meetings and one Sunday a month for a bake sale. These bake sales were a fundraiser for our missionary trip. These missionary trips were twice a year and we would take food, clothes, and school supplies to the poor in Mexico. This mission trips were so heartwarming, I loved going to see these poor people happy to receive these gifts.

Besides being involved in church, I went to the 5th grade science camp during my junior and senior year in high school. I was a counselor and would have to take care of 10 girls. It was pretty tough but it has helped me become a responsible person.

I have always been motivated by my friends and family. I always attempt to go the extra mile and do more than I have to. I want to be a role model for my siblings, I want them to look up to me and see that anyone can do it if they simply try. It has been hard lately because the lack of finance. When I see my parents struggle it motivates me to give it my all and not give up. Life is hard but anything is possible. If I win this scholarship it will be an enormous help towards my career. This scholarship will be a great help to get closer to my goal and help me keep going forward with my education.

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