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GPS: Friend or Foe?

Suzanne • Duryea, PA

Luzerne County Community College


My GPS and I have a love-hate relationship.  I've named her Lucille; she has a British accent and says "motorway" instead of "highway".  I consider her to be a member of my family, and just like my relationship with my family, no matter how much she makes me angry, I still love her.    I love her because she helps me to get where I need to go.  With Lucille, I never have to go anywhere alone, which makes driving in an unfamiliar area much less intimidating.  I think that sometimes she likes to play games with me though, because occasionally she doesn't tell me to turn until after I've already passed my turn.  Perhaps she is distracted by me driving too quickly, or perhaps I just can't judge the length of a football field when I'm concentrating on driving; 100 yards seems a lot less when you are driving 50mph.   I wish there was a way to program Luc ille to say "turn right after the big blue building with a funny roof" or something similar, describing landmarks instead of street signs.  It's difficult to read the names of streets while you're driving, especially when you are driving in an unfamiliar location, and you're trying to ensure that pedestrians don't walk out in front of your moving vehicle.  No matter what, Lucille always gets me close enough to my "destination" that, after I circle the block a few times, I can find where I'm supposed to have arrived.  She is a much better copilot than my husband is because Lucille never gets mad when I miss my turn or run slightly behind schedule.  Lucille never judges me for not listening to her, she just reroutes and finds another way to get me where I need to go.  She is the ultimate helper, and, oddly enough, the ultimate "friend".

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