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The Tales of a Girl with a Bad Sense of Direction

Mary Kate • Anaheim, CA

Lutheran High School of Orange County

Before there were any navigation systems or phones with direction apps, there were these things called maps. Now personally, I probably couldn't use one to save my life. I mean a piece of paper with a bunch of red lines on it that can supposedly "get you there"? Sounds iffy to me. Plus, with my sense of direction, I need more than a map. I thought I either needed a personal chauffeur, or a machine telling me where to go. Oh, but wait, they have that!

The GPS is in most new cars, and every one buying a new car seems to want one, but personally, the GPS and I are not friends. If you think maps are bad, try inputting an address onto a "touch screen" (they never work too well) while driving. I may have gotten a few dirty looks from other drivers for swerving a bit. Not only do they cause swerving, but when the lady giving directions doesn't tell you to turn until you're two feet away, there may be some cutting off of other cars.

Besides the issue of reckless driving, the GPS almost never gets my destination correct. Once, while searching for the nearest Walmart, I drove 15 miles before I realized it was taking me somewhere in Portland, Oregon. I didn't realize I had to leave the state to get a few groceries! On the rare occasion that it does get your destination correct, it never seems to fail to take you on the longest possible route there is. Side streets are great and all, but when you're searching for the Staples Center in Los Angeles, you don't want to be driving around sketchy neighborhoods at night.

The GPS is a fairly new invention that, in my opinion, needs some work. Between nearly crashing my car, driving to Oregon for some veggies, and getting lost in the scary streets of Los Angeles, sometimes I think I may be better off with a good old fashion map.

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