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Should Hand-Held Devices be Banned While Driving?"

Ingrid • Acampo, CA

Baylor University

I believe that we have a big issue with young people constantly checking the text messages, Facebook and Twitter chat on their smart phones, including while they are driving a car.  Let’s admit it, my generation is hooked on their phones, constantly reading and sending messages.  My parents have told me that if they ever catch me using my iPhone for texting in the car, they will stop paying for it.  My older brother ran into a cable box pole last year in our street because he was texting while driving.  T his was a big lesson for me.

In order to make driving safer for your people, I would require smart phones to be modified so they cannot be used for texting by the driver of a moving vehicle.  California, the state where I live, has instituted serious fines for people who get caught using their phone for texting while driving a car.  The problem is that there are too many drivers and not enough police men so few people are impacted by this. 

Government should introduce new legislation that by 2020, for example, all cars need to be equipped with technology like Bluetooth or GPS that allows the smart phone to sync up with the car and detect motion so that texting can be disabled when the car is moving.  The phone could still be used for emergency, hands-free, voice calls.  This data would be shared with insurance companies who are already moving to usage-based insurance model, i.e., insurance coverage and rates that are based on how you use your vehicle.

The bottom line is that we need technology to prevent young people from using their smart phones while driving because it too dangerous of a habit, not only for themselves but also for others on the road.


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