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The Straw to My Smoothie: The Story of My GPS and I

Tiffanie • Acampo, CA

University of California, Irvine


Sitting on the dashboard of my petite car, my GPS blurts out demanding directions. "Stay in the right lane...recalculating...turn left in 400 feet...recalculating."  The female voice seems to sound angrier after each missed turn.  My GPS and I have a love/hate relationship.  There are times when I literally cannot imagine driving anywhere without it, and then there are others, like the time my GPS took me 30 miles north of my intended location. Don't ask me how.

I envy people who are street smart. My dad, mom, cousin, grandpa, and best friend all seem to have a knack for finding places easily.  I, on the other hand, have difficulty in that department, let alone remembering street names.  I've come to accept my title of being book smart, but since acquiring my GPS on my birthday, that title no longer applies.  With my coveted GPS, the sky's been the limit.  If I want to drive to San Francisco, I'll drive to San Francisco.  If I want to drive across the country to visit my cousin in New York, I can drive across the country! Granted, I did run out of gas at one point during the trip, leaving me stranded in a pretty sketchy neighborhood, but that was no fault of my GPS's!  A kind, homeless guy ended helping me out.  The generosity of people and their random acts of kindness surprise me to this day!

The handy thing with my GPS is that it even works if you need to walk or ride your bike anywhere! Can you imagine walking along on the sidewalk, and your GPS says "Turn left here....recalculating....turn left here, 400 feet, make a U turn..?"  Seems a bit embarrassing, I must say, but when you get lost easily, like I do, you'll try anything.  If that means walking around a new city, using a GPS to find an Italian restaurant walking distance away, then you can count me in.  Shockingly enough, I've never tried this "walking feature," but I definitely will not hesitate to try it, if the situation ever presents itself.  I might be traveling to Rome this summer. I wonder if my GPS will work there.  

As I said, my GPS and I are like BFFs, who sometimes need their distance, but at the end of the day, I honestly don't know how I would even function without it.  It's the yin to my yang, the straw to my smoothie, and the cherry to my sundae.  









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