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The Bot


Mukwonago High School

A car,  to most people a simple and common way of transportation to accomplish everyday actives; but to me the new creation of The Bot will persuade anyone's mind into realizing the true beauty and complexity of cars. The Bot is the new dream car of the century which has groundbreaking technology with top of the line finishes with a couple tricks and gadgets thrown in to give it extra "wow power". The Bot has a frame similar to a corvette which is undoubtedly one of the coolest cars in history and you wouldn't even have to pick out one color because of the new system called the color core. The color core is a scanner where you can scan a simple item such as a banana and the car will pick up the pigment and have a perfect coating of banana yellow paint on the outside of the care; so whatever mood you're in you can be looking stylish in your car. The interior car comes with the highest quality leather seating that money can buy along with three cup holders which might n ot sound excitinv but these are morphing cup holders, meaning that they can change to any size or shape to fit your drink or snack to ensure that it doesn't fall out when you take some wild turns down the highway. You'll also have a mini fridge located in the back middle seat which can be activated out of the seat by a push of a button from the drivers so all your friends can enjoy your new stylish car. Once you activate the refrigerator it is voice activated, so you tell it what you want and it magically appears for the optimum amount of satisfaction. Lastly, since The Bot is a party car you could say; with snack and all your buddies hanging out, you need some music. So with The Bot you have the triple frame mysic system which has the deepest base of any music system or headphones in the world, so with your friends you can be rocking out on any road trip even across the country for hours which is possible because The Bot is fueled by solar power. The Bots solar powered ener gy tank is the newest eco-friendly and cost efficent ride so you don't have to stop the party and keep on cruising forever. With The Bot you will be riding down a road such as route sixty six without having to stop for gas, have any type of snack you want, and having music blaring creating your own party in The Bot.

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