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Teaching Safety is better than restricting Safety

Elizabeth • Olathe, KS

Olathe South High School


Driving is a privilege, an opportunity, a right, not only for you but for those around you.  Car manufacturers have so many regulations on safety for those in vehicles that sometimes we forget that a driver has the most responsibility for safety. 

I believe driving without a phone connected would be a learned thing for personal safety. We were not born wearing seatbelts; however, after a learned practice and watching our parents through the safety of wearing those, seatbelts are a second nature. It would be possible for vehicles somehow to disable a phone once the car is taken out of park, however, I would also like to see more adults and parents teaching their kids right from wrong, not texting and driving, while telling the kids not to do it.

Mobile phones have brought a sense of safety and security to us as we drive, knowing that we can use a phone as a GPS mapping device adds a bit of controversy to the problem. We no longer utilize the large map books that we grew up reading while our parents were driving on vacations, but type in an address and the phone will give us turn by turn directions – if it is able to be turned on. So then is the question, are only particular applications to be disabled while the vehicle is in motion, and if that is the case, who determines which applications are more valuable and less risky than another?

Maybe something should be in place that at the renewal of each person’s driver’s license, along with the renewal test, drivers should watch a video of footage from an accident scene in which a driver took their eyes off the road to text someone they would be home shortly and doesn’t make it.


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