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Gps Devices-Reinventing the Roadtrip

Samantha • Abbeville, MS

Kaplan University

Global positioningacronym GPS, have truly taken the world by storm. Many vehicles and cellphones have thrm installed before ever even leaving the factory.  They have become so commonplace many of us take them for granted. That these devices are popular can't be denied, but how have they chamged the way the average American views and takes roaftrips?

First and foremost, is the matter of safety. If used properly these devices have the ability to lessen the chance of a collision. Most of the GPS available have a turn indicator, thus allowing you to be aware of your upcoming lane change or other necessary manuever. In unfamiliar, high traffic areas that  alone can make a huge difference. Consider for a moment the idea of being lost in an unfamiliar place, with no cell phone signal. With a reliable GPS that isn't an issue that couldn't be resolved with the pressing of a button.

The second factor to consider is convenience. The ability to simply enter an address and have the directions laid out in front of your eyes is such a comfort when your embarking on a long journey. An updated GPS can also allow you to plan your trip more thoroughly. On any given exit you can be shown what restaurants and hotels are available,  not to mention travel stations. The ability to find a travel lodge is such a comfort to a road weary traveler. Many parents can attest to the importance of an impromptu bathroom stop, another convenience offered by GPS devices.

In short, I'm eternally grateful to live in an age of such a wonderful piece of technology. The roadtrip is forever changed in such a positive way. The long journey;even cross-country, is now more convenient and safe than ever.

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