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Using a handheld device while driving; it can wait

Hannah • Greenville, SC

Clemson University

I believe that handheld devices should be banned everywhere while driving. Using any handheld device while driving can be extremely dangerous both to the user of the device and those around them. Countless driving accidents happen every day, especially amongst teenagers, due to them texting and driving. While some of the accidents may be minor fender benders, others can cause serious harm to the driver or to another person they hit and even cause death. There are already far too many distractions for drivers on the road, and handheld devices are just another unnecessary one. From billboards to the radio to the passengers in our car, we constantly experience so many distractions when we are driving; there is no reason to intentionally add another one when it is so unnecessary. Whatever reason we have for using a handheld device while driving, it can wait. There is never a good reason to text and drive, especially not if its just to text Lisa to let her kno w what Jake said to you today in class. Whatever seems so urgent to you at the time suddenly seems unimportant and careless when the person you hit with your car is rushed of to the hospital in critical condition. If something is truly urgent, it is very easy to pull over to the side of the road and make a call, taking you and those around you out of harms way. It can become far too easy to think, “that could never be me, I’m great at texting and driving”. I had that mentality until my junior year of high school, when I got in a car wreck while using my handheld device. Thankfully everyone was okay, but that was a wake up call for me. My mentality changed from “that could never be me”, to “that could be anyone”. Today I attend Clemson University, and the entire city of Clemson SC has a “no texting while driving” law. While some people find this law to be irksome, I believe it is both helpful and necessary, especially in a town filled with so many teenage and young adult drivers all who are constantly attached at the hip to their iPhones and Droids. I think that mobile devices are a wonderful thing and have endless benefits, however, whatever purpose you may need them for, it can wait.  

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