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GPS aka

Janeen • Accord, NY

University of Phoenix

   It wasn't that so long ago when the introduction of "smart" phones made prior devices obsolete. No more PDA. No need for an iPod. You always have a camera handy. My email inbox thanks me. And one of the most useful features of all time *drum roll please* the GPS.

     Before GPS was standard on all phones, does anyone remember how we made it from one place or another and not get lost if we ran off track? MapQuest was everyone's go to website to get directions to that far off location. Sure, you could print out the directions. But lets not dare move off the highway and potentially get lost just to use the restroom. And the fights that caused with the hubby who refused to ask directions... Forget about it!!! The standard GPS installed in every phone has probably saved more relationships that way.

     Everyone wanted to own a GPS. Remeber "Tom Tom"? What anyone wouldn't give to own a GPS system. Back in those days a GPS cost a pretty penny. Now, every taxi driver praises the lord for such a wonderful gift with any smart phone purchase. Heck, I don't even go ten minutes from my house to a road I don't know. Road trips? No problem. We can even go on a detour to site see and still get back on track.

     Did I mention how awesome GPS is when combined with other apps? I can track my walk and see how many calories I have burned. I can track my phone if I have lost it and it isn't in hear shot. Why, I can even locate my kids if they don't come home by curfew. Don't tell the hubby though if you catch my drift *wink wink*. Do I care if the government can track me? Only if I am on the run for stealing Twinkies from the gas mart.

     Overall, the government GPS requirement for every phone was my hallelujah to getting an much desired, but way too expensive for my budget, commodity.


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