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DO you think handheld devices should be banned while driving?

Jeffery • Abbeville, AL

University of Phoenix

      Yes, I think they should be banned because they take away from the person who is driving attention from the road. A person can become too involved into the conversation and get emotional and cause an accident. Not even in an emergency at home is it alright to answer the phone because the person might try anything to get home as fast as possible. Some people might know how to hold their composure until the right time. Let us face it we do not have practice driving while emotional so it should be a priority to not drive and talk on the phone.

      I know people who have been distracted driving by texting luckily they have not had a wreck while doing it, but it is nerve racking while someone else is in the car. If everyone looked after their driving then it would be less accidents there should be no bluetooth devices either because it is just the same. Unfortunately it will not make all the accidents go away but it will help others will still driive while intoxicated or just speed because they left too late. Always allow yourself extra time to get where you going because you never know what the condition of the traffic or roads may be like if you are driving a long distance.

      Everyone one of us have been late one time or another sometimes a person cannot help it but using the phone while driving should be the last thing a person does while driving. If it is a must to answer the phone at least pull over and then talk on the phone so you will not be distracted and both hands can be free to make split second decisions. When pulling over to talk on the phone it shows that a person is taking responsibility for their actions and is not putting anyone's life in jeopardy just to take the phone call.

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