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Our Reliance on Technology

Jessica • YUBA CITY, CA

Yuba City High School



   In modern society we have become quite accustomed to utilizing technology for a multitude of  tasks. One such example is the GPS system which a vast amount of people use on almost a daily basis. However, we have become much too reliant on these devices and while for those with a poor sense of direction, admittedly such as myself, these  maps are incredibly useful  they may eventually hurt us in the long run as I have come to realize upon recent events.  While the GPA may appear to be a friend, it could potentially be a foe to many in an unexpected way.

       Many people often locate the directions on their GPS and simply follow whatever direction the technology points us in. Normally, I would think nothing of this but upon speaking with several adults  a difference between those who have lived with these technological advances and those who have not became immediately clear and after being asked to give directions I found myself astonished at the fact that I had no help to offer. Even though I had driven in the city many times I was unable to help, while the other adults stepped in and effortlessly explained how to get to the destination. While the technology can assist me in getting from one place to another, it cannot help me learn the rules of the road, nor can it help me truly gain knowledge or be completely aware of where I am.


       While GPA systems appear to be a friend in offering assistance to us drivers, we must realize that we cannot become completely dependent on such technology. There is much to be gained from memorizing the roads and directions ourselves and relying less on the devices we have become so comfortable with.

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