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I "C" My Dream Car

Joshua • JAL, NM


    My dream car, if money weren't such a painful factor, would not be the typical Lamborghini or Ferrari choices, although they are quite amazing machines, I would instead choose a Chevrolet C7 Corvette. I simply can't express how much love I have for this finely tuned American muscle sports car, yes it is both a muscle machine and a sports vehicle simultaneously, a rare but very exciting combination. It is sleek, stylish, powerful, and at the same time, sporty. If you have ever sat in a Corvette, you would agree that you automatically feel power and control is just a key turn away. Once you turn this vehicle over and let it "purr" for a second, you would come to realization that this automobile is a near perfect creation. It would be great for taking it out as a gorgeous luxury vehicle to your nearest 5 star restaurant, or doubling it up as a means for everyday use to the grocery store or mall visits, especially since the trunk space is rather large for a sports car.
    I have always taken a liking to the Corvette, it is the essence of the loved muscle/sports cars of today. I do daydream of myself sitting in the driver's seat of my very own personalized green and black 'Vette, but once more, if money weren't such an issue, I would have the keys hanging up in my room next to my doorway so I could get showered, dressed, and grab them keys to take my glorious machine out for a cruise around the big city. Who doesn't want a prestigious vehicle to have in their possesion, bring it out for a day, and of course show it off that night? We all want that somewhere inside of us, it's a part of human nature to think or behave that way. I do have a connection to these cars, whether it was when I saw a C3 (third generation) in the next town over taken out for a nice stroll or maybe it was when I saw a nice picture of a Corvette in my elementary school library. Either way this daydreaming of mine will come to a stop and I will own an elegant and graceful beast known as the Chevrolet C7 Corvette. Until then, this car will always be my dream car.

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