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My Dream Car

Ebony • ACAMPO, CA

University of Phoenix

My very first car was a 2005 Nissan Sentra. A month after i received my drivers license i went to the car dealership and picked out my car.  I loved that car so much, it took me everywhere i wanted to go and every place i didnt think i would go. It was something that i was able to call my own. I didnt have to borrow anyones car and worry about putting gas in someone elses car or worry about rushing to get that person their car back. I had the car for four years before i traded it in for something else. That car was my best friend on wheels made by man. That car will forver be the car that i compare all of the other cars that i purchase to. It was a very simple car, nothing high tech in it, no reverse camera,  no navigation, no satellite radio. It was a car that opened up the door for many more cars that i plan to purchase or lease. I ended up trading the car in for another car and i cried because that was my baby that i purchased and took very good care of it. If i could i would go buy another car just like that one just so i can park it in my garage to have as a memory. That car has been through thick and thin with me and my family. I remember the rode trip to L.A for my brothers basketball game, the rode trip to Madera for my aunties suprise birthday party, the drive to San Jose for my goddaughters baptism. Thaat car holds so many special memories in my heart. As i remember all of the things and adventures that I had in that car i start to tear up and laugh at the same time as i replay the memories over and over in my head. 

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