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Fit for me

Arianna • ACAMPO, CA

San Jose State University

Before turning 21 years old, I thought a lot about what I wanted to buy myself. I feel that when turning 21 you are an adult ready to take on the world and respsonsibilities. I felt that I was ready because I had my first job, I was getting ready to transfer from a community college to a 4 year, and I was mananging my own money the right way. What better way to buy yourself a first car as a birthday gift? That is what I did. The summer of 2012 I was researching what kind of car would be reliable for me, affordable monthly payments and good on gas. I was having difficulty choosing between a Honda or Toyota because all my family and I ever knew was Toyota. Both of my parents grew up driving Toyota and they passed down one of their vehicles to me which was a Toyota. I went to the Honda dealership first and they welcomed me with great customer service. They salesperson who sold me the car did not put pressure on me to buying the car right away and didn't ask for a large sum of money to put down as a down payment. I test drove the Honda Fit. It was a sleek and sporty car that was fit for me and also had my favorite color. I was immediately sold. The sales person talked about the car features, the gas milage, and how much the monthly payment would be as a first time car owner. I love my car and I feel like I am growing with my car. Owning my own car with my name on the title has taught me a lot of responsibility such as maintenance, checking the oil and tire pressure, and just all around taking car of my own car!

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