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Ode to the '02 Toyota Tacoma


Spruce Creek High School

If you could learn to read

I’d write you every day

Explain to you my love

And how I feel this way


But really that won’t happen

You are a truck, my dear

A truck whose engine I may rev

Whose tires I may steer


You can’t read, and I don’t mind

Still I couldn’t love you more

I’d like to take a sec and list

All the pieces I adore


The purr beneath your hood, for one,

The caressing of your seat,

The way you let us leave this town

With your pedals and my feet


You’re the only pickup truck, I’m sure,

With a sticker from math club.

With brains and brawn you surely are

A gift from up above.


Some will claim you want my money

Pumping gas is quite a fright

But you are worth it – every dime

I treat my baby right


You love it when I wash your hood,

Your paint, a faded gray,

Remember nights out on the beach last year?

Beneath the stars we’d lay


And when we’re cruising down the road,

You play my favorite song

A hugging seatbelt holds me close

And I know that we belong


You may have rust, your seats may tear,

But your motor holds a fire

A fire that burns almost as much

As my gentle heart’s desire


Fresheners of scented pine

Are now a home to me

I smile at the glistening metal

That is your precious key


This key will open up your door

And your engine it will start

But you, my dear, have got a key,

The one to start my heart.


I do wish you could read this,

I’ve gotten good with rhymes.

I do forget you are a truck

(Though I’ve said it a thousand times)


But if I ever get to dating

Or find a person I could woo,

Then maybe I could use this poem

If I change a word or two


Bottom line: I love my truck

She’s the highlight of my day

But now I’ve gotten enough words

So I’ll be on my way.









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