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Economical and Stylish

Joscelyn • HUTTO, TX

University of Phoenix


When thinking about my dream car I think to the future. I want something I can use now, but also have a family be able to use in the future. I chose the Ford Escape Titanium 4WD as my dream car because it is stylish, has high safety ratings, is technology laden, and economical.


The Titanium looks amazing and stylish all year round. The option to make this vehicle 4WD makes it safer in all weather, as well as sporty. The size of the Titanium allows up to five people to travel while allowing for maximum storage, meaning it would be great for a growing family! Even though the hybrid Titanium offers such style and capacity, it remains at a reasonable budget for a growing family.


The titanium also includes many technology options. A great feature of the titanium is the active park assist. This feature helps you identify parallel parking spots that will fit the size of the vehicle and guide you into the space. This is a great feature for someone like me, who has not had to parallel park ever. I also love the sync technology, which allows making phone calls hands free. This feature also comes with navigation, so I will never get lost and will not have to use my phone or look down at a GPS while on the road.


One of the main technological reasons I chose this car is because the automatic temperature control and remote start. As I plan my future, I would like to be in a state such as Washington, where the weather is cold and rainy often. I love that you can set your temperature and your car will maintain what you are looking for.


The Titanium is also very economical. While it does not get the best gas mileage for a hybrid, it gets amazing gas mileage for a crossover. At an average of 26 MPG, the titanium will not have to be fueled as often. This is great for those who cannot frequently make it to the gas station or are trying to save money on commuting. When you are a student, traveling to and from school, work, and home causes the mileage to add up. You want a vehicle that can withstand putting miles on while still saving gas. 


I believe that this vehicle is economical, stylish, and has the technology that I believe will be advantageous for the future. One of the great things about the vehicle is it is also on budget for a student, growing family, or successful adult. This makes my dream car realistic and attainable for many people.


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