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Ban Handheld Devices and Give Alternatives

Veronica • COVINA, CA

University of Phoenix

Yes, I believe that all handheld devices should be banned everywhere while driving. Yet, do I believe saying handheld devices are banned while driving and threatening wrong doers with a ticket will stop such acts? No. I believe that banning handheld devices are a right call for safety but also that it will require an extra measure form the officials to truly eliminate the act while the individual is driving.

            Perhaps if officials provided a free alternative to citizens to use a device that is handheld free, a significant decrease will push through for the policy. If officials required that every car and stereo possessed a auxiliary plug and cord for its drivers, drivers would have no excuse of have to us any handheld devices while functioning an operating vehicle.

            My auxiliary plug and cord helps me be able to drive safely even if I have an important call I need to take or make or if I am navigating to my destination. With navigation I see a lot of safety because it reads off the next direction through my stereo so I do not have to pick up my phone to see where I am going. Knowing where you are going in a less puzzled manner saves everyone a lot of pain and stress.

            Perhaps they can require this in order for vehicle’s registrations to be approved. This would be a more extreme method but definitely more effective and would ensure that every vehicle on the road is giving a clear opportunity to drive safely.


            If we effectively provide an alternative to our country we expect significant change. We have to keep in mind that human psychology does not usually adjust to change in behavior easily. Incentives, better alternatives, and be made to feel like it would be better for them would be a more appealing approach to any social-environmental issue as such.

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