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When Was the Last Time Your Car Made you Smile?


University of West Florida

"I've missed you Cimara, I am glad you are back."


"Aw thanks I missed you too. I know you wanted me to take you with me but I had to fly on a plane with my coworkers for the business trip. Maybe we can take a trip to France later this month just you and me."


"That sounds awesome and if you let me pick the playlist you have yourself a deal."


"Deal. Haha."


"Hahaha, now where are we headed?".......



That would be just one of many conversations that I had with my car. My dream car would be a dark blue Camaro with tinted windows and more importantly, he would be able to talk as well. Not only could this car simply talk, it would be almost more human than a few humans. The car would be able to have emotions and be capable of thinking for himself. My dream car would be able to comprehend things and assist with daily driving. If I wanted to, I would be able to tell him where I wanted to go and he would drive for me. Of course I would only do that if I was traveling for days at a time and since my windows are tinted to the point where no one on the outside can see in I would be free to sleep. In case there was ever an emergency my car would be able to wake me up. My car would make everything so much better. Whether I was late for work and in a bad mood or just bored my car would make jokes to lighten things up or entertain me. I would never need a GPS because I would know that my car was much more reliable. I would treat my car as if he were a human because frankly, he would be human in my eyes. Humans are humans because of their cognitive abilities and my car not only thinks, understands, and feels he also has a conscious. My car would be a life companion. My car would be with me for every date, family joy, family sorrow, job loss, and job gain. Not only would my car be loved by me but when the time came and I started a family my car would be loved by them as well. When my children turned about 15 my car would be there to help them learn how to drive. If my husband and I ever both had to be gone my car would be able to look after the house or simply listen to my adolescent’s problems. My dream car would more of a dream friend and everyone deserves at least one true best friend. Mine would just happen to be my car.


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