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Handheld Devices While Driving- Not Worth The Risk

Elizabeth • ACCORD, NY

Mount Mercy Academy

      Handheld devices such as cell phones, iPods and iPads have grasped almost everyone's attention in todays world and so many of us have at least one of these electronics on us at all times.  Almost everyone is addicted to using these devices and are blinded by the satisfaction their usage brings that they continue to use them at innapropiate times.  A big issue today is using handheld devices while driving.  The illegal usge of these devices while driving is not worth the possible outcome it may bring.  Outcomes vary from getting a ticket to causing a car accident.  People risk their lives and everyone else's around them when they use handheld devices while driving. 

      Thousands of deaths each year are caused by this issue because it takes the drivers attention away from what it important, which is the road.  All of this information about why using handheld devices while driving is bad, are just a few of the many reasons why using them while driving should be banned. Not many people realize how harmful this situation can be until something happens to someone a person knows.  Should the death of a loved one or a friend be what it takes for a person to realize how dangerous this problem is?  The answer is no.  No life is worth risking just so someone somewhere can use a handheld device while driving.  Thousands of lives could be saved each year if the usage of handheld devices while driving was banned everywhere.

      Commericals on TV bring awareness to this issue.  In these commericals you see people mourning over the, what could have been prevented, death of their loved one caused by texting while driving.  Or the commericals include the driver who caused the accident by texting, talking about the guilt they feel being the only who survived.  You don't want to be in either of those positions, so think twice before you use one of your handheld devices while driving.  

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