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A Few Scraps and Little Creativity Can Go A Long Way


Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing-FIDM

 In the newspaper I had read about a man who had who handcrafted a car made of scraps. I thought to myself how cool it would be to invest a little creativity and a few scraps into a car.

Asking almost anyone about their dream car, their likely answer would be something close to a sporty car with platinum rims, along with a top-notch engine and an incredible sound system that sounds all around expensive. Not to mention the prenomen to complete its alluring description that begins with a letter and ends with numbers, making it sound even more invincible and out of this world.

I am currently a college student trying to avoid being engulfed into the black hole of debt, a dream car for me is simply a car I can drive that doesn’t come with monthly bills or weekly gas trips that will eventually empty out all four of my pockets. In my case, money is an object, and my dream car is but a dream. A dream where I could simply go to school for a reasonable price, have a car for transportation, go out to eat as I please and shop when I’m in need of some retail therapy. However, this is all oh so far from my own reality, where I have to pinch pennies, lock my wallet up and throw away the key.

When I passed the article of the man who handcrafted a car made of scraps, it gave me quite a wild thought. Shifting from a mini-cooper (initially my dream car), my dream car officially became a bit more simple and inexpensive. I began to drift into my own little world and thought about how awesome it would be if I could create my own car. Putting to use all of the scraps and tools that I have collected over the years for independent art projects that I like to do on my own free time. I would be able to bring to life my very own unique and original dream car. Handcrafted out of all the wood and metal pieces I have in the garage, I would put my car together in one piece. Then I would begin to paint the outside of it black. The interior would be made of oak wood and my seats would have the softest cushions covered in some of my own cheetah print fabric to give the seats a little glam.  Even my windows would be hand crafted and resemble a snow flakey texture. In addition, my rims would be sterling silver. Combining natural oils from coconuts and olives, I would create my own gas that wouldn’t harm the earth. Able to seat six people so I can always be the designated driver, I would entitle it the C-Dream 2.0. “C” standing for Celine, my middle name and “Dream” standing for my dream car. “2.0” would stand for the age of twenty, because it would probably take me a while to build a car, and being nineteen, I would estimate that I would be done sometime by next year. Building my own car would allow me to save so much money and furthermore invest in my education. Withal said I don’t know much about cars, nor could building a car from all my scraps ever be possibly safe to take out into the streets. Building a car for myself would more than likely be impossible, which is why this is in fact a dream car. 

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