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My First Love

Shaharah • ABBEVILLE, GA

University of Phoenix

     It was 2009 and I was 27 finally getting a drivers license. I guess I waited to get my license so late in life, because I was scared of getting hurt, seeing that many close friends had been in accidents before. Also, I was tired of walking around trying to keep three kids in line and carrying groceries all the way home on foot. A car was long over due.

     As soon as my income taxes came in I purchased my first car. A brand spanking new, shiny, silver car. When I was sitting in my car driving her home, it was the best feeling ever. We were bonding. Sometimes, when she was parked, I would stare out the window at her and admire her. I did that constanly throughout the day. 

     The feeling of freedom with my first car, my first love, was euphoric. We would take trips with no definite destination. Our bond was greater than Bonnie and Clyde, I thought. On my 28th birthday we, me and my friends celebrated extremely hard. Three a.m. came fast. It was time to go home. A couple of people wanted a ride. I agreed, not knowing I would have to take the freeway. At the time I was a freeway virgin, and proud. Me and my car toughed the freeway. It was a bit of a rush. Wheww!! I made it! That was my first thought when it was all over. I took my exit and started toward home when I realized that I'm almost out of gas. I didn't have money either and was atlest twenty minutes from home. So, I speeded up going at least 70 mph so I could hurry up and get home. Sirens and blue lights came in behind me, I had no choice but to pull over. Though, I was confident that she could have out ran the state patrol car. At least that was true in my fantasies.  "Miss you have a tail light out and is there a reason you were going so fast? The speed limit here is 45." I explained that I was about out of gas. He explained driving faster burns up more gas and to take it easy. He let my go not because I was absolutely goegeous in my mini skirt, but because my friend, my good luck charm, my car.    

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