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My dream car: The Ford Explorer: Sport Trac


Cecil Community College

At least once in a person’s life, they have established what they consider their “dream car.” Most people in America do not have the money to get their dream car because of the existing economic problems. For some people, money is of no object, so they can most definitely afford their dream car. If money was of no object, my dream car would be a Ford Explorer: Sport Trac with customized interior and exterior. 

My dream car would not be any ordinary vehicle on the road. The color of my car would be navy blue with a chrome grill on the front. It would also have four-wheel drive, a bumper protector, dual-panel moon roof, and remote start. The interior would have child safety locks, head rest DVD players, adaptive cruise control, rear view camera, voice-activated GPS, voice- activated heating and air conditioning, all leather interior seats, storage space under passenger seat,  and a special car seat for my dog including a built-in non-spilling water and food dish. My dog means a lot to me and giving her the best is my goal especially when money is of no object. My dream car is one that is much different than any seen on the roads today.

Since I was little girl, I have grown up around many makes and models of cars, but I have always admired the quality of Ford vehicles. The Sport Trac has been a favorite model of mine. I like everything about the vehicle such as size, interior, cab, and so on. This model has a large size which I highly appreciate in a vehicle due to living in a place with an endless winter. The interior is spacious, safe, and has plenty of storage areas. Having an large cab allows for that extra storage area. The Sport Trac is a wonderful choice for a dream car. 

Many Americans today do not have the money to get their dream care. If money was of no object,  then the Ford Explorer: Sport Trac is my first choice. Most people would have chosen a lamborghini, or some other extremely expensive vehicle that Justin Bieber most likely drove once in his life. The Sport  Trac is an awesome vehicle and thanks to Ford, I can say that my dream car is the Sport Trac.  


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