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Somewhere Beautiful

Carina • SAN DIEGO, CA

University of San Diego

Let’s go an adventure. Let’s pile into a car, and get lost on the way to somewhere new, and enjoy the time it takes to get there. At every fork, we’ll flip a coin to decide if we turn left or right.  Maybe by losing our place on the map we can find our place in the world. Bring a camera; take a picture of the view. When people ask where it was taken we can say "Somewhere beautiful.” "Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back," says Eve Esnler; we can do this. We can stop anywhere that looks interesting. Abandoned gas stations? Sure. One-horse towns? Yes. Any shop with an “open” sign? Absolutely. Let’s be adventurers. We can go anywhere! Satisfy the wanderlust that’s burning in our hearts. We’ll follow the highway signs and talk to the natives. North? South? East? West? Maybe all of them in turn? We’ll put those miles under our belt; we won’t worry about where we’re going, as long as we get there.

What’s that you say? The GPS has a local attractions option? I kind of thought that we could leave our destination a surprise. Go somewhere to find the unknown. Where is the fun in knowing exactly what to expect? That’s like picking out your own Christmas presents. Don’t you want to shake the boxes and guess? Don’t you want to experience the titillation of not knowing? How are you supposed to create a new map in your head with something spouting off directions every few minutes? No, let’s leave the technology out of it. There is no definite road map to a good experience. Let’s make our own path to good memories and candid pictures. We will find the thrill of spontaneity: no plans. We don’t need no stinkin’ GPS.

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