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Auto Accident in Dallas? What to do and how to prepare for the insurance claims process.

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By: Kade Phillips, contributing writer at

Would you know what to do if you were involved in more than a light fender bender?

How you react in the face of an awful situation like a car accident, could mean the difference between more tragedy down the road (in the form of an extended settlement period with your auto insurance company afterward or even worse consequences like the death of an injured person who might have been saved) and preventing the worst outcome of a bad situation. Fortunately, the Dallas area is the home of a fine police, fire and rescue department, not to mention medical facilities that are first class. So with a little foresight and preparation, you may be able to make a lousy event a little easier on yourself and those involved if it should ever happen.

Immediately after reading this, make sure that you have a pen/pencil and note pad in the glove compartment of your car. You may even want to print this guide and keep it in the glove compartment as well. In the event of an accident, you may be emotionally distraught and under such circumstances, it's easy to forget something. This guide will help you to remain focused on what you should do. 

You will want to take note of the following after an accident:

- The names, addresses, driver's license numbers and telephone numbers (if possible) of the drivers involved in the accident.
- The names, addresses and telephone numbers (if possible) of passengers of the vehicles involved. 
- The make and model of each car including license plate numbers.
- The names and badge numbers of emergency workers and police.
- The insurance identification of each driver.
- The names and addresses of witnesses.
- A brief description of what happened and if possible, a basic diagram of the accident scene. (If you have a camera, take pictures)

Immediately after the accident, stop your car, try to remain calm and find out if anyone is injured. If anyone is injured, don't move them unless they are in danger of further injury unless moved. Cover them with a blanket or something similar to keep them warm and comfortable if necessary. 

1. As soon as possible, call the police, tell them the location of the accident, how many people are hurt and describe the types of injuries involved. The police will contact medical assistance.
2. As best as you can, try to guard against further damage by moving cars off the road if necessary, and warn other motorists of the situation by setting up flares or flags. Call a tow truck if required. (do not authorize any repairs) Try to protect the scene of the accident. 
3. Find out from the police officer where you can get a copy of the police report. Your insurance company will need it when you submit your car insurance claim.
4. If you run into an unattended vehicle or object, try to find the owner. If you bashed into another car or object and the driver or owner cannot be found, make a note of the details of the accident for yourself, and leave your name, address, phone number and a description of what happened in a place where the other party will easily find it. 

Having a sense of what to do if the worst should ever happen and having a plan of action in your glove compartment, can only help give you more peace of mind as you travel the highways and byways of Dallas, Texas. 

May you never, ever have to refer to this basic guide that you printed and placed in your glove compartment. But if it should ever happen, remember, - The First Thing To Do Is - TRY TO STAY CALM.

Kade Phillips is a contributing writer at,
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