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Great ways to save on your auto insurance in Chicago.

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By: Kade Phillips, contributing writer at

With the high cost of living in Chicago, and the way the cost of the necessities of life seem to constantly creep upward over time, one of the easy places to look for ways to save yourself some money is to annually review your auto insurance policy. With a small investment of your time, it may be possible to save up to 10, 15, 20 per cent on your Chicago area car insurance policy. What would you do with the few hundred extra dollars or more that you could save?

Money-saving tip #1: Shop around
To begin, most people settle for the first quote they get. Often, when the subject of car insurance comes up, a friend or relative suggests an insurance company or agent that they deal with, or have dealt with in the past, and that's basically that. A phone call is made, a brief discussion with an agent follows, and presto, the person has auto insurance.

But, this is not the best way to get the cheapest price for the car insurance you need. The best way to truly save some money (or at least know you are getting the best auto insurance rate) is to comparison shop. Shopping around for your auto insurance coverage is a relatively simple matter and means you can quickly identify a great rate when you see one.

With access to the Internet, it's now possible to speedily research multiple offers from different auto insurance companies all at one website. While there are several websites that do this kind of thing, to name an example, a site like can quickly give you access to auto insurance quotes from several different auto insurance companies, personalized to you for the Chicago area. Or you could simply do a quick search for: "Chicago auto insurance quotes" or "car insurance Chicago" and find the comparisons you need. Shopping around can definitely save you some money.

Buying a new vehicle is the ideal time to shop around
If you're shopping around for a new auto, chances are you've got a couple in mind. But did you know there can be significant differences in the cost of insurance for different but similar makes and models? The cost of insuring a particular vehicle could even sway your purchase decision. The cost of insuring similar cars in Chicago may vary widely, because of the vehicle's popularity with thieves and the insurer's average cost to repair the vehicle. Find out before you buy by shopping around. 

Money-saving tip #2: Review your deductibles
The next area to explore for money-saving opportunities is your deductible. As many people already know, raising your deductible can lower your insurance premiums. Be careful though because if you do have to submit a claim you will have to pay the deductible, so it should be an amount you can afford. Consider for example, if you are in an accident, or your vehicle is attractive to thieves or vandals, the cost of repairs will be borne by you to the extent of your deductible. Raising your deductibles to save money now could make a lot of sense for you, but it only works if the deductible you choose is affordable. 

Money-saving tip #3: Take advantage of discounts
Contrary to what some believe, there are many auto insurance discounts that you may qualify for. Things such as - Safe Vehicle Discounts, Senior Discounts, Low Mileage Discounts and Good Driver Discounts to name a few. You may also belong to an organization such as the Automobile Association of America or a seniors organization (AARP), which may offer its members car insurance discounts. Definitely check into the savings that may be available to you through these organizations.

Lastly, if you own multiple vehicles, and have the same company insure them all, you may qualify for a discount. And, if all of your insurance (auto, home, life, business etc.) is through the same insurance provider, they may give you a break because of your extensive relationship.

While the above mentioned items are in no way a complete list of how to save some money on your auto insurance in Chicago, Illinois, they do represent a great place to start. Do a little research on each of the above items as they apply to your own situation, and it would be surprising if you don't find a way to save enough to justify the small investment of your time. 

Kade Phillips is a contributing writer at,
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