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By: Kade Phillips, contributing writer at

Are you too busy to apply for life insurance? Don't want the hassle of completing a medical exam? Need $150,000 worth of coverage or less? Want quick term insurance? If you are age 60 or younger and want to obtain term life insurance both quickly and easily online, a quick issue term insurance policy is the right solution for you.

If you want to purchase a life insurance policy quickly, term insurance is available online and can be purchased in as little as 15 minutes. There's no need to wait. Simply fill out a short online questionnaire and within minutes, if you qualify, you can purchase and print your policy from home. In only fifteen minutes online you can be covered.

Quick issue life insurance is every bit as secure as regular term life insurance. The only difference is there's no waiting. Premium rates are slightly higher with a quick term insurance policy, but it's more than worth it in terms of time saved and hassle avoided.

Don't keep putting off this important decision. Don't let reluctance to deal with agents, extensive paperwork, and invasive medical exams stop you from getting the quick issue life insurance you need. Who has days, weeks, or even months to wait for the process of buying life insurance to be completed? Take care of your insurance needs right now. Get a free quote for quick term insurance online today at
or, no waiting--just great term life insurance.

Kade Phillips is a contributing writer at
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