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Simple car insurance mistakes that can cost drivers in Baltimore time, money and needless distress.

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By: Kade Philips, contributing writer at

It shouldn't happen, but it sometimes does. 
Drivers in Baltimore should be aware of a few relatively common items that can cause major distress, and have severe consequences on your auto insurance rates and availability, if you should find yourself without car insurance coverage, or without adequate coverage while driving.

Inadequate coverage, or even no coverage at all, can obviously make a lousy situation even worse. Take note of the following, and you'll hopefully never have to face a scenario that you're completely unprepared for. 

Be truthful on your car insurance application.
However tempting it may be to try to hide something that you feel is detrimental to your situation, the auto insurance company will likely eventually find out, and when they do, they could cancel your policy. Also, take special care to fill out the forms correctly, and if there's anything you don't understand, be sure to get the answers before you sign. Simply understanding exactly what both parties obligations are, can save enormous heartache down the road.

Keep your policy information up-to-date
With our busy lives in Baltimore, and so many different things to keep track of, it's easy to forget to update an existing auto insurance policy when something material has changed. Is your insurance coverage still sufficient? Have you recently moved? Has a job change or a new addition to the family been adequately reflected in your auto insurance policy? 

If anything significant has changed since you last purchased your auto insurance policy, give some thought as to how you should adequately protect yourself and your family in light of this new information by updating your policy accordingly.

Be sure to pay your auto insurance premiums on time.
When a policy has been canceled or terminated because you failed to pay the premium, it could significantly impact your car insurance rates going forward. It may even make it much more difficult to obtain car insurance in the future. In fact, try to pay all of your bills on time, as the better your credit rating, the better deal you are likely to get on your auto insurance. 

Don't let your policy lapse
Make sure that you don't let your car insurance policy lapse, without having another one in place. The problems that can occur by letting your policy lapse, can truly be severe if not handled correctly. Always tell the auto insurance company that you're dealing with for the Baltimore area in writing of significant changes. Get confirmation from them that they acknowledge the changes. 

Most car insurance companies will inquire into your auto insurance history to help them assess the risk involved in insuring you. Generally, drivers with gaps in their auto insurance coverage are viewed as more risky to insure than those that demonstrate continuous coverage. It's always best to avoid gaps in insurance coverage, as it helps you to build up an insurance history that can help you save money in future.

If your policy lapses for any reason and you don't have coverage while driving, even if it is because of a simple miscommunication, there's a good chance you'll be fined, charged or have your license suspended, so there's a lot more at stake than just the amount you pay for your auto insurance rate.

Know the company that insurers you
As much as we all want the best car insurance for the lowest cost, it would be a mistake not to do a bit of basic research on the company you are purchasing your auto insurance policy from. It makes sense to verify the reputation of the firm you are dealing with beforehand, because after an accident is the wrong time to find out that the company you picked is slow to pay claims and poorly services their customers.

Avoid the simple car insurance mistakes that can cost Baltimore drivers their time, money and cause needless distress-especially, if the unthinkable should happen and you were involved in one of those pile-ups we unfortunately see and hear about so regularly in Baltimore, Maryland. Are you and your family covered to the extent that you should be? Set aside a few minutes to dig up your policy and make sure everything is as it should be. If not, take the steps to remedy the situation like comparing auto insurance quotes, policies and companies to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Kade Philips is a contributing writer at,
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