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Cheap Life Insurance: What it is - And How to Get It

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Life Insurance Quickguide: Cheaper Life Insurance

Cheap Life Insurance: What It Is - And How to Get It

By: Kade Phillips, contributing writer at

What is cheap life insurance?

Life insurance or life assurance is basically a contract between an insurance company and the life insurance policy owner. Cheap life insurance is a policy that has been obtained at a very good price, and is not necessarily an indication of a lack of quality. Under a life insurance policy, the insurer agrees to pay a sum of money upon the occurrence of the death of the policy owner under certain circumstances. In return, the policy owner agrees to pay a stipulated amount of money to the insurance company at regular intervals, which is called a premium. Insurance companies each have a slightly different view of the risks involved, and therefore calculate the premiums differently.

This is one of the reasons why there can be quite a difference in price between insurance companies for essentially the same product.

Cheap Life Insurance - An affordable life insurance policy can be a smart financial decision

Life insurance is a unique form of insurance that offers notable advantages. It makes provisions for, and ensures the financial protection of your loved ones in the event of your untimely demise. Apart from this fact, an affordable life insurance policy can also help you to develop and achieve your own personal financial goals. Certain kinds of life insurance can allow you to be in a position to utilize more of your assets during your retirement.

There are many different types of life insurance policies, however, not all of them can be classified as cheap. The more benefits, and protection they offer, the more expensive they typically are. But all life insurance policies follow a common trait of functionality: On the occasion of your death, the life insurance company pays an agreed upon amount to the beneficiaries (the people that you have named to be the receivers of the money). Also, the named beneficiaries in your insurance policy, may receive the payment(s) free of income tax. This is often true of cheap term life insurance policies.

Some affordable life insurance plans also grant cash benefits while you are living. In this type of life insurance, a part of your premium is transferred to a cash reserve and this amount builds on a tax deferred basis. This money is called cash value and you can have access to this capital. You can use the cash value to support education costs, enhance retirement cash flow and many other purposes.

A cheap life insurance policy can be the foundation of an ideal financial plan, and 'Term Life Insurance' is typically the way to get the protection you need at the most affordable price. By focusing on cheap life insurance, you are not only making a smart and caring financial decision for your family and loved ones, but also making certain budgeting and money management decisions. Through cheap life insurance, you can ensure protection for the people you care most about.

Choose a reliable and affordable life insurance policy

When you're looking for cheap life insurance, it's important to choose the right insurance provider and not simply rely on price alone. The primary intention for choosing life insurance is to provide protection for your loved ones, and a cheap policy offered by an underperforming life insurance company may not meet your expectations as you had intended.

Financial resources and financial goals act as the decisive factors when choosing a life insurance policy. Term life insurance has proven to be a highly affordable type of life insurance policy, and is often much easier to purchase - sometimes requiring no medical exam. A term life insurance policy provides protection for a fixed duration of time, which is why it is called a "term" life policy. The premiums tend to be lower for a term life insurance policy since it does not build any cash value. If you possess greater financial resources, a whole life or universal life insurance policy can offer excellent options for life insurance, with a build up of cash value which can be kept for retirement or passed on to your heirs. But typically, cheap life insurance is obtainable through a term life policy.

Get free life insurance quotes to compare prices and providers

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