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Modesto Auto Insurance Quotes

Compare car insurance quotes from Modesto, California and save

Modesto, California, is located in central California, on the Tuolumne River, close to the northern end of San Joaquin Valley, and roughly 90 miles east of San Francisco. It is 110 miles from Yosemite National Park, and 80 miles from the capital of California; Sacramento. It was founded in 1870 by the Central Pacific Railway, and incorporated as a city in 1884.

Modesto was named because of William Ralston, a businessman who financed many projects in California, and was the founder of the Bank of California. When it was suggested that the community was named after him, he modestly turned it down. At the naming ceremony, a Spanish-speaking railroad worker stated that Ralston was "Muy modesto" (very modest) and so the name was born. Incidentally, the day after Ralston's financial empire collapsed, his body was found in the San Francisco Bay, due either to a stroke during his swim, which he regularly did, or from suicide.

In the late 20th century, Modesto was one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and today has over 208,000 residents. The summers in Modesto are very hot and dry, and the winters are mild and sometimes cool. Its rainy season goes from November to March. Modesto has some of the world's richest soil and thus, is a fertile farming area, with wineries, vegetable fields and fruit and nut orchards. Some of its main commodities include almonds, wine grapes, peaches, apricots, melon and tomatoes.

Close to 80% of Modesto's working citizens drive or carpool to work. If you are one of those residents: do you know whether you are paying the lowest price available for your car insurance? In fact, you'd be surprised at how many people end up paying more for their car insurance than they have to, when the same kind of coverage is available for a lower price elsewhere! How can you find out? Visit to get a car insurance quote today and see if you could save some money. It could be well worth your while!

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Local Modesto Insurance Agents

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  • Bartels Verle L Insurance Agent-
    1136 Tully
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-529-6018

  • Blizzard Jeffrey Insurance Agent-
    1532 Lakewood
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-524-5107

  • Central Auto Insurance Agency, Inc.
    2225 Plaza Parkway Ste # C-17
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-492-9999

  • Gomez Insurance
    4260 Sisk Rd
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-545-1083

  • Harless Andrew Insurance Agent-
    945 Coffee
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-577-1777

  • Lyle Insurance Services
    1317 Oakdale Rd
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-535-8576

  • Mc Millin Bud Insurance Agent-
    1717 Oakdale Frnt
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-527-8000

  • Navarro Richard Insurance Agent-
    2937 Veneman Ste A115
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-526-2194

  • Palombi Pam Insurance Agent-
    3536 Oakdale Frnt
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-551-0221

  • Try R Insurance
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-341-1687

  • Wallace Colleen S Insurance Agent-
    1317 Oakdale Ste 1220
    Modesto, CA
    PH: (209)-527-0706

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