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How traffic tickets and fender-benders impact your California car insurance rate.

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Ever wonder what a traffic ticket or fender-bender might do to your auto insurance rate?

Online auto insurance quotes were obtained from for a 35-year old female, driving a 2004 Honda Civic in San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego to see what could happen to your car insurance rate if you get a ticket, rear-end another vehicle, or if you are rear-ended by another car.

Range in annual insurance quotes by city and driving history*

City Clean driving record 1 not at-fault accident where you were hit from behind 1 minor ticket (like speeding) 1 at-fault accident where you rear-ended another vehicle
San Jose $1108 - $1860 $1108 - $1860 $1380 - $2656 $1430 - $2862
Los Angeles $1794 - $2946 $1794 - $2946 $2040 - $4236 $2040 - $4566
San Diego $1022 - $1457 $1022 - $1457 $1222 - $1880 $1222 - $2016
Quote Notes:
* Quotes were completed in October, 2005 and are for illustrative purposes only. The accident category "You were hit from behind” (with $751-$999 being paid by the insurer for damage to your vehicle only) was used in getting the not at-fault quotes and the accident category “You rear-ended another vehicle” (with $751-$999 being paid by the insurer for damage to another’s property or vehicle) was used in getting the at-fault quotes.

The results show if you get a minor speeding ticket or accidentally rear-end another vehicle, there’s a good chance your insurance rates will increase. That’s why driving carefully and within the laws of the road will save you money – not only because you won’t have a ticket to pay, but you will also pay less in auto insurance premiums.

Also, the good news is that the results also dispel the myth (let’s be honest, the fear) that a not-at-fault accident increases your insurance rate – in our example above a not-at-fault accident did not increase the rates quoted.

Compare auto insurance quotes to make sure your insurance premium is as low as it could be
When it comes to saving money on your auto insurance, the most important point is to shop around - whatever your driving record - because there’s a significant range in rates available to you – sometimes as much as 100% (that’s double!) Each insurance company calculates their rates differently and there is no reason you should be paying double what you have to.

Comparing car insurance quotes at only takes a few minutes and gives you peace of mind in knowing you are getting and paying the best auto insurance price.

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