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Women and Cars [Infographic]

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Women are in the driver's seat around the world

There's a misconception that the automotive industry is still a boys' club. That it's a man's duty to take care of purchasing, maintaining, and repairing the family ride. This, of course, couldn't be further from the truth, particularly with studies showing that women influence four out of every five car purchases in the U.S. alone - not to mention the $200 billion per year women contribute to cars and automotive services. What's more, a recent study found that nearly two-thirds of Canadian women know the correct tire pressure for their vehicles. It's safe to say this notion of the car being a man's territory is outdated.

Garage blues

Even though the gender divide has leveled across the automotive industry, there is still a feeling of imbalance between men and women when visiting their mechanic. Studies suggest that as many as 43 per cent of Canadian women felt that they receive worse service than men for car repairs, while more than 40 per cent also believed they are charged more. It's believed these sentiments are shared with women drivers in the US as well. Experts say that some of the most important steps in finding a reliable mechanic, other than trusting your instincts, include getting referrals, requesting full explanations for all repairs and only working with certified repair shops.

Car care

With this in mind, having an understanding of your car is important for any driver. While each car is different, the average correct tire pressure is about 35 psi (pounds per square inch). However, drivers should check their manuals (or the tires themselves) to see what their car's ideal tire pressure is. Maintaining appropriate tire pressure can make a big difference in fuel economy too; properly inflated tires can save hundreds of dollars per year in gas. Learning other maintenance steps, such as do-it-yourself oil changes, can save drivers between $30 and $60 every few months. Understanding your car's oil level is another reason to check your owner's manual, since it will specify how often you should get your oil changed. In-between changes, it is important to check your oil regularly with your engine's dipstick. Many people overlook this task. In fact, a study in Ireland found that about one in eight female drivers had never checked the oil level of their vehicle. It's an easy task to get in the routine of, and will ensure your car operates at its best.

Women and cars

Women play a significant role in the world of cars; from an influx of professional drivers entering racing circuits across the world stage, to everyday women knowing the ins-and-outs of their cars. From urban commutes to country roads, the automotive industry is no longer a man's space - it's finally become a two-lane road.

Around the world, women are in the driver's seat

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